Who are we?

TF1 PRODUCTION is one of the major television French producers.

Entirely affiliated to TF1, this entity has for mission to create and produce its own programs as well as to search, acquire and adapt television formats (scripted and non scripted) coming from producers  from all around the globe.

TF1 PRODUCTION is actually providing every one of TF1 channels, as well as the international market, with all sorts of programs.

TF1 Production also has several partnerships with international companies that consist in codeveloping and financing formats targeting both TF1 Group channels as well as the international market.

In 2014, TF1 PRODUCTION has offered more than 570 hours of programs, of which there is 356 hours for TF1, 93 hours for TMC, 109 hours for NT1 and 12 hours for HD1.